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05 May 2008 @ 01:26 pm
Sin on Fire - Days 28-35 - 130 Pages  
Days: 35
Pages Complete: 130
Pages Begun: 131
Per Day Average: ???
Specific Outline: I-XX complete, XXI trundling along

Page One Hundred and Twenty Nine

Panel 1: Dereth looks up, his hands curled around his little teacup.

DERETH 1: Both you and she have made it abundantly clear that I'm not what she needs.

Panel 2: A shot of Bella's hands; she is tapping a painted fingernail against the cup's rim.

BELLA 2: She does love you, you know. You're her father.

DERETH (OP) 3: But a girl needs a mother, right?

Panel 3: Profile of the two of them. Steam curls into the air; Dereth is looking intently at Bella, who is studiously not looking at Dereth.

BELLA 4: She's entering a difficult time. As a child, she needed us both... Dereth, I don't want you to miss out on her life.

DERETH 5: And there's the matter of her magic.

BELLA 6: There is that. Can you honestly tell me that it doesn't bother you that your daughter is a Black magician?

Panel 4: Dereth, looking off to his right.

No dialogue.

Panel 5: Profile of Dereth looking away, while Bella looks up at him.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: He looks solemnly at the reader (from over Bella's shoulder).

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Thirty

Panel 1: Dereth's fist slams against the table.

DERETH 1: Yes, it bothers me. I grew up in Ahteir. Your precious partner--

BELLA (OP) 2: --Ex-partner.

Panel 2: Back to the tea cups on the table, the steam rising. The tea pot is short and squat, not particularly round.

DERETH (OP) 3: Let it rest. We knew each other. We never liked each other. And it bothers me that my daughter is like him.

BELLA (OP) 4: She's afraid you aren't proud of her.

Panel 3: Dereth jerks his head up, startled. Horrified.

DERETH 5: Of course I'm proud of her!

Panel 4: Bella shakes her head, eyes closed.

BELLA 6: Well, she doesn't pick up on it.

Panel 5: Dereth bows his head and closes his eyes.

DERETH 7: If--if you're right, if I'm really not providing the support she needs, I'd be willing to try it. But I have qualms about her living with...

Panel 6: Bella, jolting in shock.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred and Thirty-One