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07 October 2008 @ 04:00 am
Sin on Fire - 173 Pages - COMPLETE  
Days: Too damn many
Pages Completed: 173
Pages Begun: 173
Per Day Average: ???
Specific Outline: Up to XXX complete.

Page One Hundred Fifty-Six

Panel 1: Vinseth slumps onto his side.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Shot of Vinseth's eyes widening.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Vinseth is upright, reaching out with one hand.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Shot of his left hand grabbing one of Mahavo's knives.

No dialogue.

Panel 5: Shot of Bella's note.

[NOTE 1: Gone to Temple. Bahai asked me to give these to you. --B]

Panel 6: Vinseth looks dumbfounded.

VINSETH 2 (T): Mahav's Ward! These are...!

Page One Hundred Fifty-Seven

Panel 1: Vinseth rolls off the couch.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Shot of Vinseth, his shoes on and his skull helm in his left hand, reaching for the door.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: The Heivai Line and a crush of people. Vinseth is a tiny figure in a strange hat.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Vinseth in his dark robes on a crowded street.

No dialogue.

Panel 5: Shot of Bella, kneeling at Kailo's sand altar. Her head is up and her eyes are open.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: One of the candles gutters out.

SFX (candle) 1: Hsssssssssss.

Page One Hundred Fifty-Eight

Panel 1: Shot of the Temple's gate, which has opened slightly. The moon is high in the sky above.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Bella comes streaming out the gate, hair and veils aflutter.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Vinseth and Bella, looking at each other. Profile shot. Behind them, people stare at the Sin Priest and the Green Sister.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Shot of the Heivai Line.

No dialogue.

Panel 5: Shot of the door to their apartment.

DOOR 1: 8A

Panel 6: Profile shot of Bella and Vinseth sitting at his dining table, drinking coffee. Vinseth has removed the skull crown.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Fifty-Nine

Panel 1: Bella curls both hands around her tiny coffee cup, looking into its contents.

BELLA 1: I'm sorry for a few nights ago. I never meant to dismiss you.

Panel 2: Shot of the two. Profile. In the background, Bella's plants curl around each other.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Vinseth looks out the window.

VINSETH 2: No. I'll accept the blame. There was no reason to be so antagonistic about you forming a relationship.

BELLA 3 (OP): They always DO seem to turn end in disaster, though, don't they?

Panel 4: Vinseth looks sharply at Bella (from behind Bella).

VINSETH 4: That isn't the point.

BELLA 5: I forgive you, then.

Panel 5: Bella gestures with her coffee cup. Her lips are curved but her eyes are heavily lidded, as if she's tired.

BELLA 6: You'll only do it again, though.

Panel 6: Vinseth looks out the window again. Behind him, shadows creep around.

VINSETH 7: I know.

Page One Hundred Sixty

Panel 1: Bella reaches out a hand along the table, still looking weary.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Vinseth looks as though he's musing, though the bloodied nose, black eye, and fat lip rather spoil the effect.

VINSETH 1: What I said about Cazgo...

Panel 3: Bella looks up, hair framing her face. She's hoping something.

BELLA 2: Hmmm?

Panel 4: Vinseth looks down and to his left.

VINSETH 3: I didn't mean it. I don't really need an office at home anymore.

Panel 5: Shot of Bella's lips, where a wicked, secretive smile slowly curves.

BELLA 4: I know.

Panel 6: Profile shot of the two of them. Behind them, shadows rest peacefully over placid plants.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Sixty-One

Panel 1: Page splash. Vinseth kneels on a roof again in the center of his magical array, the Knives of Mahavo in his hands.

TITLE 1 (in air, dripping shadow): TWELVE

TITLE 2 (in gold): MORNING

Page One Hundred Sixty-Two

Panel 1: Mahahroba's dark feet appear on the roof's ledge.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Profile shot of Vinseth's upraised head and open eyes.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Mahahroba's unamused face.

MAHAHROBA 1: What would you have of me, Dyaivaztra?

Panel 4: Profile shot of Vinseth's kneeling form. He's presenting the knives, holding them by the blades.

VINSETH 2: Recognition, brother demon.

Panel 5: Shot of Mahahroba's eyes widening.

SFX (Mahahroba) 3: !!!

Panel 6: Shot of Mahahroba's body as he looks down at Vinseth.

MAHAHROBA 5: Name your request.

Page One Hundred Sixty-Three

Panel 1: Vinseth's face, hidden by the skull helmet. One eye is visible in the darkness of the bull's eye socket.

VINSETH 1: Forgive the Lanthez family and cease your interference in their lives.

Panel 2: Mahahroba's furious face.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Mahahroba clenches a fist by his side.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Mahahroba accepts a knife's hilt.

MAHAHROBA 3: Very well, dread priest. We are at quits.

Panel 5: Vinseth bows his head.

VINSETH 4: We are at quits, then, kinsman.

Panel 6: View of a kneeling Vinseth from behind Mahahroba as a shadow portal appears.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Sixty-Four

Panel 1: Shot of Vinseth holding out his left arm. Black ribbons dangle from his left wrist.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: A portal of black fire, wreathing him in shadow.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: A black and gray tangle.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Split panel. Shot of Vinseth's apartment building.

No dialogue.

Panel 5: Split panel. Shot of Vinseth's apartment door.

DOOR 1: 8A

Panel 6: Shot of Vinseth's legs, in his robes, standing outside a door.

No dialogue.

Panel 7: Shot of Vinseth's hand on a doorknob.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Sixty-Five

Panel 1: Vinseth enters a room THROUGH the door, as in, by stepping through a dark portal. We see him over Bella's sleeping body.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Vinseth stands over Bella's bed, still in his skull helm, hands behind his back. Bella's face, what we can see of it, is calm.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Shot of Vinseth's shadow. It has grown to connect with Bella's shadow.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Shot of Bella's face. She is now experiencing distress; her eyebrows drawn up and her lips drawn down in anguish.

BELLA 1: Nnnnnnn!

Panel 5: Vinseth reaches for his skull helmet.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: Beads of sweat form on Bella's forehead, even as Vinseth turns to leave.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Sixty-Six

Panel 1: Shot of Vinseth's desk--and the window behind it. It's just a little after sunrise. He sits in his chair, staring at the sun. Apparently, he's been up all night.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: The door, opening.

SFX (door) 1: kkkchk

Panel 3: Indiri steps through. The door is closed behind her.

INDIRI 2: You said you had good news?

Panel 3: Vinseth swivels his chair to face her.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Shot of Vinseth from over Indiri's shoulder. His eyebrow has lifted a little.

VINSETH 3: Yes. As you may have sensed, I successfully summoned Mahahroba last night.

Panel 5: Shot of Indiri's shock.

INDIRI 4: I did feel a connection. I'm assuming you persuaded him?

Panel 6: Vinseth closes his eyes and sinks back into the chair. Behind him, a we see his bleeding reflection in a cracked mirror.

VINSETH 5: He wasn't happy about it.

Page One Hundred Sixty-Seven

Panel 1: Indiri sits down.

INDIRI 1: So the Gift of Blades has vanished again?

Panel 2: Vinseth's eyes are still closed.

VINSETH 2: I'm sure it will turn up.

Panel 3: Indiri closes her eyes, too, letting out a sigh of relief.

SFX (Indiri) 3: siiiiiiigh

INDIRI 4: Thank you.

Panel 4: Shot of the potted plant again. The plant's name is still "Amparue! I need water every day you dick!"

No dialogue.

Panel 5: Indiri bends over Vinseth's desk, writing a check.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: Our final shot of Indiri: she's walking through the doorway, eyes glimmering, a smile playing on her lips, with a cell phone to her ear.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Sixty-Eight

Panel 1: A shot of Dereth's house (as seen on page seventy). Daytime. And this time, there is a black SUV parked in front of the house, in addition to the white one.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Shot of a door to a young girl's bedroom. A wooden plaque hangs from the door.

PLAQUE 1 (loopy, feminine handwriting): CAZGO

Panel 3: A shot of a twin bed; the sheets have been pulled off. Several cardboard boxes filled with miscellaneous items sit at the foot of the bed.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: A shot of three pairs of feet: a pair of men's black shoes, a woman's olive gold heels, and a girl in pale blue tennis shoes and blue-striped socks. Items of clothing and stuffed animals litter the floor.

No dialogue.

Panel 5: Shot of Bella, taping a cardboard box and laughing.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: Shot of Vinseth's dark hand on Cazgo's slim shoulder.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Sixty-Nine

Panel 1: Shot of Dereth, leaning against a corner with his arms crossed. His face spells "grumpy" with a capital "disgruntled."

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Shot of Bella stuffing clothing into another box, still smiling.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Vinseth holds up a white shirt, a faintly amused expression on his face... but there's just a faint hint of his eyebrows furrowing.

VINSETH 1: We're tossing this.

Panel 4: Shot of Cazgo carrying boxes through a hallway, while a man (Dereth) tries to help stabilize them.

DERETH 2: Careful!

Panel 5: Shot of the back of Vinseth's SUV, piled high with boxes.

VINSETH 3 (OP): We can finish in two loads.

BELLA 4 (OP): Don't be ridiculous. It'll take three.

Panel 6: Shot of Cazgo in the back seat, with Vinseth and Bella in the front seats.

CAZGO 5: Hey, Mom?

Page One Hundred Seventy

Panel 1: Bella looks over her shoulder.

BELLA 1: Yes, viheyo?

Panel 2: Shot of Cazgo over Vinseth's and Bella's shoulders. She's in the middle seat, with boxes piled on either side of her.

CAZGO 2: Are you and Vinseth going out to dinner later tonight?

Panel 3: Shot of Vinseth and Bella sharing a look.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Vinseth taps a finger on the steering wheel.

SFX (Vinseth) 3: taptaptap

BELLA (OP) 4: What do you think, Haz?

Panel 5: Cazgo leans forward, one arm swooping out to hold onto a group of boxes.

CAZGO 5: Yes?

Panel 6: Vinseth rolls his eyes.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Seventy-One

Panel 1: Shot of the bright sun overhead.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Shot of Madhva Roa, in Vabren garb. The backdrop is a Vabren village.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Remember Bata Vahai, first introduced on page seventy-seven? He's back, also in Vabren garb, and walking at Madhva Roa's side.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: A shot of a few floor pillows tethered to tent poles and a grungy-looking well. There's nobody around, and not even any shadows of people.

No dialogue.

Panel 5: Madhva Roa and Bata Vahai share a look.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: Bata Vahai, with his arms folded over his chest.

BATA 1: No people at all. I'll be the one to send him a message.

MADHVA 2 (OP): If you want to.

Page One Hundred Seventy-Two

Panel 1: Vertical panel of a busy street, outside the Temple of Kailo. Cars pass each other; the sun is low in the sky.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Shot of Vinseth lounging against the temple gate, an iris in his hand.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Shot of Bella, hair and veils streaming, coming out of the temple gate.

BELLA 1: Look what you've done to that poor flower!

Page One Hundred Seventy-Three

Panel 1: Page splash. Front view of Vinseth, rolling his eyes at Bella, and Bella looking sidelong at him. Behind them, their shadows stretch away, intertwined.

TITLE 1 (in box): END