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07 May 2008 @ 12:06 am
Sin on Fire - Days 35-36 - 132 Pages  
Days: 36
Pages Complete: 132
Pages Begun: 133
Per Day Average: ???
Specific Outline: XXI trundling along

Page One Hundred and Thirty-One

Panel 1: Bella, eyes down, looking down, shaking her head as she chuckles.

BELLA 1: Heh... heh... Oh, Dereth...

Panel 2: Bella looks up. Her eyes glint again.

BELLA 2: ...you never change, do you?

Panel 3: Shot of another couple sitting at a low table. Both are Vabren, dark-haired and bronze-skinned; both are wearing modern clothing.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Dereth (from over Bella's shoulder) gives her a charming, over-confident grin.

DERETH 3: Would you have me any other way?

Panel 5: Bella smiles.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: Shot of the desert garden outside.

BELLA (OP) 4: No, no I wouldn't.

Page One Hundred Thirty-Two

Panel 1: Profile shot of the two of them. Bella is going after a fig; Dereth is pouring tea into his cup.

BELLA 1: I'm... I'm perfectly willing to move out. Since you don't want her living with him.

DERETH 2: Y-you mean...?

Panel 2: Wide horizontal shot, from behind Dereth. Bella is looking up, startled and definitely unhappy.

No dialogue

Panel 3: Horizontal shot from behind Bella, of Dereth's surprised face and slightly upraised chin.

DERETH 3: You're not sleeping with him?

Panel 4: Back to the profile.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Thirty-Three