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20 May 2008 @ 08:00 pm
Sin on Fire - 147 pages  
Days: ???
Pages Completed: 154
Pages Begun: 155
Per Day Average: ???
Specific Outline: XXII complete, XXIII complete, XXIV begun

Page One Hundred Forty-Two

Panel 1: Bella looks up, her eyes enshadowed.

BELLA 1: Is that really what you think I wanted?

Panel 2: Bahai, seen from behind Bella. His arms are crossed.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Profile of the two.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Bahai again, his arms still crossed.

BAHAI 2: You have to admit, it's the most logical assumption.

Panel 5: Bella takes a sip of coffee while arching an eyebrow at Bahai.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: View of the wheelbarrow full of books. The titles are all in Vabren.

BELLA (OP) 3: I wasn't looking for a replacement. Not consciously, anyway.

Page One Hundred Forty-Three

Panel 1: Bahai leans forward, elbows on the table, eyebrows hooked down.

BAHAI 1: So, you are interested in him?

Panel 2: Bella looks surprised at having been caught out.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Bahai smiles, but it's not exactly a nice smile. Then again, when is Bahai actually happy, anyway?

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Bella looks down; mentally, she's locking herself in the corner of woe. However, the line of her back is straight and proud.

BELLA 2: I'm... sorry. For sending the wrong signals, I mean.

Panel 5: Profile of the two; Bella's head is still down, Bahai is still leaning forward.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: Bahai has inclined his head, his expression mostly neutral.

BAHAI 3: What would you like me to say? I forgive you? It never mattered? That I want to be friends?

Page One Hundred Forty-Four

Panel 1: Rather than recoil, Bella narrows her eyes.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Bahai closes his eyes.

BAHAI 1: I do want to stay friends.

Panel 3: Bella inclines her head slightly, confident and, as usual, faintly amused.

BELLA 2: Then we'll stay friends.

Panel 4: Bahai goes from "in self-inflicted emotional pain" to "grumpy".

BAHAI 3: You act like it's simple.

Panel 5: Profile shot of the two, through the store window.

BELLA 4: Making the decision IS simple, Bahai.

Panel 6: Shadows stretch, unnaturally long, across the sandy, tiled floor. Bahai's feet are visible at the top of the shot, but just barely.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Forty-Five

Panel 1: Bahai, looking troubled, his hands steepled, elbows on the table in front of him.

BAHAI 1: Bella, does... Vinseth... tell you anything about what's going on in Hell?

Panel 2: Bella's eyes narrow again, glinting even greener than usual. She smells a trap, and she's quite willing to use honeysuckle as a garrot to get out of it.

BELLA 2: Care to be a little more specific?

Panel 3: Shot of the counter. A Vabren man wearing modern clothing and an apron stands behind it. His expression is either bored or flat.

BAHAI (OP) 3: If, say, a demon were troubling someone. Would he tell you?

Panel 4: Bella looks off to her left.

BELLA 4: He would, if it was really bothering him.

Panel 5: Bahai spreads his hands and looks earnestly at her.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: Shot of Bella's hands, white knuckling on her coffee cup.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Forty-Six

Panel 1: Bahai leans forward even more, his expression even more troubled than usual.

BAHAI 1: Tell me. Please.

Panel 2: Bella closes her eyes.

BELLA 2: Mahahroba Wolf-God--

BAHAI 3: --Wolf-Hand. Mahahroba Wolf-Hand.

Panel 3: Shot of Bahai, looking casual and smug for having corrected serene, know-it-all Bella. He's lifting his coffee cup.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Bahai chokes.

SFX (choking) 4: Hrgk!

Panel 5: Bella, amused, waves a hand.

BELLA 5: Anyway, he's bothering a family and has been completely refusing Vinseth's summons until recently. As I'm sure was obvious, he's very upset.

Panel 6: Bahai looks shiftily off to the right. He disagrees for a variety of reasons: he hasn't yet been convinced that Vinseth has a heart and he wouldn't care even if he believed it.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Forty-Six

Panel 1: Coming to some conclusion, Bahai leans over and reaches into his messenger bag.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: He sits up with a pair of long, thin knives in his hands. The Sigil of Mahavo has been carved into the blades.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Bella stares, wide-eyed and slack jawed.

BELLA 1: W-what...?

Panel 4: Bahai offers them to her.

BAHAI 2: Vinseth was asking about these. They're... the only thing that can compel Mahahroba.

Panel 5: Shot of Bella's wide eyes, no longer bright or gleaming, but still widened.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: Shot of Bella and Bahai, from behind Bahai. Bahai's arm is outstretched, the scars clearly visible. Bella is staring down at both the knives and his arm, her fingers brushing a scar.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Forty-Seven

Panel 1: Bella looks up, clearly troubled.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Bahai looks down at her (from behind Bella).

BAHAI 1: Don't worry. They're old.

Panel 3: Bella, from behind Bahai. She's searching his face for something.

BELLA 2: Why are you...?

BAHAI 3: I'm tired of holding onto them. And there's no reason for an innocent family to suffer, if I can stop it. You'll give these to him, won't you?

Panel 4: Bella looks up.

BELLA 4: I will.

Panel 5: Bahai, smiling sadly.

BAHAI 5: Good. Now go.

Panel 6: Bahai watches Bella leave. His melancholy might as well be a physical presence.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Forty-Eight

Panel 1: A shot of Vinseth and Bella's apartment building, at night.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: A shot of the door to apartment 8A.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Shot of the darkened foyer and living room. Seen through the wall of windows, the city

is a sea of traffic and building lights. There's nobody around; the shadows are purely natural.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Bella, in the living room, next to a watering can and sitting near her plants, which are

stretching toward her a little. She's penning a note on pale green stationery. The knives lie

on the center of the coffee table.

No dialogue.

Panel 5: She turns away from the table, her note now next to the knives, and grasps the watering

can. The plants are definitely leaning toward her.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: She begins to water her plants.

No dialogue

Page One Hundred Forty-Nine

Panel 1: The morning glory twines around her fingers; a lily brushes against her hand. She's

watering bamboo, now, and it's stretching for her, as well.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Shot of Bella, striding toward her room.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: Bella, in the robes of a Green Sister, locking the door to the apartment.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: The temple of Kailo. It's a structure not unlike the Temple of Kaihkhso, only this

one's Ward of Passage is red and green, with symbol of Kailo written on it in silver, and the

plaque on its wall reads, "The High Temple of Kailo-in-Exile."

No dialogue.

Panel 5: Shot inside the temple. A giant wooden statue of Kailo dancing--the same statue as seen

on Page 121--dominates the room. Rather than an altar, there is a tall line of sand that runs

the length of the room. Round, low tables dot the area between the sand-altar and the statue.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: Shot of Bella kneeling at the altar, her head bowed. She is offering a libation of

burning incense from a wooden bowl.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Fifty

Panel 1: Shot of the Lanthez apartment building. It's not yet sundown.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Shot of the door to apartment 1A.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: The kitchen. There's a group of people eating at the dinner table.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Closer shot. Vinseth is one of the diners; he's evidently eating dinner with the

Lanthez family.

No dialogue.

Panel 5: Shot of Vinseth taking a sip of coffee.

VINSETH 1: I have some news.

BAHAI (OP) 2: Good news?

Panel 6: Wahol looks up, hopeful.

No dialogue.

Page One Hundred Fifty-One

Panel 1: Vinseth holds up a hand.

VINSETH 1: Not entirely. Bad news first: my solution isn't workable yet.

Panel 2: Adake looks up, also beginning to hope.

ADAKE 2: But you've found a solution? Or at least think you have?

Panel 3: Badni, holding Khsiza's hand, murmuring something in his ear.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Vinseth shakes his head. He doesn't look entirely happy.

VINSETH 3: Something like that. Mahahroba is difficult to persuade to do anything,

but I may have found a way to twist his arm. The problem is, there's something I need to

find, first.

Panel 5: Badni's eyes widen. She's not stupid; any Black magician worth anything know the story

of Mahavo.

BADNI 4: You want to use Mahav's Knives? You know they've been lost for about

twenty years, right?

Panel 6: Vinseth smiles grimly.

VINSETH 5: The Gift of Blades was lost twenty-four years ago. I did my research. A

couple of demons good at finding things owe me favours... I figure they can do the rest of

my research.

Page One Hundred Fifty-Two

Panel 1: Badni, scoffing.

BADNI 1: Please tell me you have a backup plan?

Panel 2: Vinseth glares over his coffee.

No dialogue.

Panel 3: A shot of Wahol, in her pyjamas, climbing into bed.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Shot of Badni tucking in Khsiza.

No dialogue.

Panel 5: Vinseth, leaning against the kitchen counter, nursing a glass of red wine.

VINSETH 2: I think I know who his next bride will be. Or at least the candidate.

She's my plan Z.

Panel 6: Badni and Adake are seated at the kitchen table, also with wine.

BADNI 3: Your last resort, huh? Why?

VINSETH (OP) 4: She's still young. And her mother would never forgive me.

Page One Hundred Fifty-Three

Panel 1: Shot of a subway station. Vinseth is exiting a train. It's not the Heivai line; it's the Vanrau line, instead. The cars have been painted bright blue.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: He bumps against somebody in the station.

SFX (contact) 1: Brush

Panel 3: Shadows jump unnaturally high.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Vinseth turns his head, eyes narrow and mouth opened wide to shout.

VINSETH 2: Watch where you're going, will you?

Panel 5: The other man turns to look at him, temper obviously fraying as well.

ANGRY MAN 3: Hey! Not like I started it!

Panel 6: The two of them glare at each other.

VINSETH 4: You want to finish it?

Page One Hundred Fifty-Four

Panel 1: Shot of Vinseth's apartment building.

No dialogue.

Panel 2: Shot of Vinseth, standing outside the door to apartment 8A. He's got a black eye, a bleeding nose, and a fat lip. His knuckles are bruised, cut, and even bloody.

VINSETH 1: Tch. Play it down. Tel her she should see the other guy. It'll blow over.

Panel 3: Shot of the man from Page 153 outside a hospital, wide-eyed, sweating, and breathing into a paper bag.

No dialogue.

Panel 4: Vinseth, in the foyer, against a backdrop of the darkened living room.

VINSETH 1: Bella? I'm home.

Panel 5: The foyer is still dark. He's farther in, but there's obviously been no response from Bella.

No dialogue.

Panel 6: Vinseth has collapsed onto the couch. He tilts his head back, leaning it against the couch.

SFX (Vinseth) 2: Sigh

Page One Hundred Fifty-Five

Panel 1: Vinseth slumps onto his side.