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09 November 2009 @ 08:20 pm
Vabren Pantheon  
Because I keep scaring myself when I lose these notes:

Shining Hall

Kazsio: light, righteousness, justice: colors are white, grey, silver. Known as the Eagle of the Sun. Uherl's wife.

Uherl: war, machines, righteous anger: colors are red, brown, and silver. Identified with shooting stars.

Ur: earth, stone, agriculture: colors are brown, green, silver. Kailo's on-again-off-again lover. Identified with earthquakes.

Mayero: wisdom, patience, cunning: colors are blue, grey, silver. Seen as a bringer of rain. Supposedly Zintzne's spurned wife, generally referenced in Kazshiyan literature as "the wife of sin."

Kailo: love, fertility, the Wild: colors are red, green, gold. Identified with sandstorms and the desert in general. Often called "the bright Zintzne." Referred to in Kazshiyan literature as "the wicked child."

Mahglyk: intellect, magic: color is solid gray. Veiled in every depiction. Identified with the night sky. Zintzne's younger sister.

Rusted Hall

Zintzne: sin, evil, cruelty: colors are black, dark green, gold. Generally understood to punish by way of horrific disaster. Elder brother of Kaikhso and Mahglyk. The eldest of all the deities.

Asedek: murder, rage: colors are blue, black, gold. Associated with sirocco (supposedly her wails of grief/rage at her unrequited love, with which she tears the unsuspecing/unwise to pieces). Loves Kaikhso, but he'll never love her back.

Inrap: decay, iron, theft: colors are brown, black, and gold. Identified with rot (decay is seen as a "theft of life"). Married to Chetmirek.

Chetmirek: madness, selfishness, deceit: colors are dark green, dark blue, gold. Identified with ice and cold, and the long, cold desert nights, which drive men to madness. Married to Inrap, but cheats on him.

Kaikhso: sleep, death, despair: colors are black and grey: was once the husband and protector of Amparo (the goddess who represented what is now the Dead City). Has never forgiven Zintzne for slaying her. Sort of the patron saint of suicidal people. Depicted in most Vabren art as scarred and weeping.

Vahero: lust, manipulation, disobedience: colors are dark red, black, and gold. Identified with lightning. Has an on-again-off-again fling thing with Zintzne, a long-time semi-crush on Kazsio, and a rivalry with Kailo. Probably the most social of the pantheon.